Who is Carico?

Founded in 1967, and recognized as a WORLD LEADER in developing unique health, wellness, and lifestyle products of "Exceptional Quality".
Their Corporate offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with offices throughout the United States as well as over 30 foreign countries. The name Carico is derived from the words " Character in Company". They place great enphasis on, unique quality, products not available anywhere else, outstanding values and savings, personalized customer service and exceptional lifetime warranties.

A professional management team who cares about the people who are associated with them.

Are the finest products in the world and are backed by lifetime warranties.

Outstanding programs that help people to learn the necessary skills to succeed.
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Testimonials from Carico's People

Adrianna Ramirez

Carico is a great opportunity, it gives me a chance to travel around the world, has flexible hours, as a full time student, and make great income.

Alexis Lardieri

As an inspired graduate student, this job provided me with a flexible schedule needed to pursue my education as well as my career. At the age of twenty three I’ve had impeccable experiences in the areas of marketing, management and customer relations that have not only helped me grow as individual but has helped me continue to build my resume. While pursuing my educational goals I have also been able to pursue my financial goals and I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to purchase my first home this year. Thanks to Exquisite Home Products and the opportunity Carico have given me.

Asley Planes

What I really like about Carico is the fact that I’m free to make my own decisions to grow as much as I want to grow. To make as much money as I want to make, as far as the fact that I can work as many hours as I want to work. If I need to study I can study. I’ve traveled with the company to a couple of places. I have been to a convention, a yearly convention, and we had a blast here in the company, is like having a big great family.

Carlos Cambas

Four years ago I joined the company and I started from zero, from nothing. Today I have a beautiful home, I have my own office, I have properties, rental properties and I’m investing in different things, and because of this company, Carico, I have a bright future.

Carolina Roa

Being part of Carico has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter, be successful, have a new car, have a beautiful family and have a wonderful house, and every single day I have higher goals to reach and that is what keeps me alive and keeps me wanting to be here every single day.

Christian Lesmez

In 1984 I was living from pay check to pay check, looking for a better opportunity and I found Carico. When I went to an interview, I thought this was too good to be true. When I got to training classes and was trained I saw it, and I said this is really possible. My first year, I bought my first home, two new cars and we went to London and Paris. Ever since then we have been able to accomplish every single one of our dreams. It is unbelievable; we live the life of the rich and famous.

Eddy Moya

I started with Carico at the age of 19. Not only has it changed my life, it is my life. The only job I have ever had is the only job I want to have. Terrific life style, million dollar homes, beautiful cars, traveling, family oriented company that allows you to bring your children along; the income has no limit, offering million dollars a year. The market potential better than ever before. What a great opportunity.

David Hess

Carico is more than just a large successful company, itʼs a family of
successful people working together to accomplish great things.

Astrid Walker

I started working for Carico International back in April of 1983. I've really seen this company grow throughout the years and I feel privileged and very proud to be part of this company. I have great admiration for the leader of this company, Mr. Richard Cappadona who I always consider a man of great vision for the future of this company and I was supposed to retire next year but I enjoy working here so much that I decided to continue working if they will have me. I am very happy and hope to be here for a few more years.

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